HARVEST is now a project of CityFood Resources L3C.

HARVEST is the first sustainable food transportation project undertaken by CityFood.  

HARVEST will facilitate the delivery of locally grown agricultural products, local seafood, pelletized biomass, artisan crafts, and perhaps containerized urban compost as a back haul to and from New York and New Jersey farming and fishing communities.Harvest 3

The proposal is to build a seasonal or year-round transient floating farmer’s andShoreside farmer's marketfishermen’s market fleet that visits public docks in many New York Harbor waterfront communities selling fresh produce, seafood, and other local products right off the boat.  HARVEST’s mission will be to support sustainable local agriculture and inspire facilitate healthy eating, as well as to preserve and share the maritime heritage that was once an essential element of the Hudson Valley, Long Island, and Northern New Jersey.  At this point in time HARVEST is still a concept, but given the energy, economic, and environmental issues facing the New York City Bioregion, perhaps it is an idea whose time has come.

Many people have been thinking about how to transport farm goods, forest products, and seafood from small ports along the Hudson River, Long Island and Connecticut, a the Raritan Bayshore (NJ),  Lake Champlain, and the Erie Canal.

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