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What is CityFood:

  • CityFood™ is a “triple bottom line” vertically integrated sustainable green business consulting firm and incubator focused on developing urban agricultural facilities, fostering  farm and  urban relationships, and infrastructure and logistics for local food. 
  • CityFood™  identifies and rehabilitates industrial real estate, designs and develops aquaponics and hydroponics facilities that will  provides living wage jobs.
  • The organically grown vegetables and fish will be sold on site  or through  farmers markets and Community Supported Agriculture.  
  • CityFood  will redevelop space for start-up and small local food processing, alternative energy demonstration projects for solar, wind and geothermal businesses while powering/heating/and lighting the facilities. 

The Social, Economic and Environmental Benefits of Urban Agriculture:

urban ag3Urban agriculture has benefits in several areas: community and economic development, “Green Collar” jobs, food access, a healthier environment, family economy, and  community planning among others.  It also offers opportunities to address food inequities in underserved communities.

Tapping Into a Cultural Movement:

CityFood is a reaction not only to the environmental and food equity needs of urban centers but to a new brand of locavore food culture and the consequences of peak oil and climate change on agriculture.  The founding partners bring distinctive expertise to this venture.  They have their hands on the pulse of the new frontier in sustainable living and eating while as educators, business people, social and environmental advocates have experience in mobilizing a region-wide network to enable this enterprise to get off the ground.  Our cities must strive for edible autonomy.

The Business Advantages of  CityFood:

hunts_point_rooftop_farm_01Using, vacant lots, roof tops,  hydroponics and aquaponics, CityFood™ is a whole new way to farm. First we find space. Where others see an abandoned building, we see a future farm. Then we create jobs.  Modern urban farmers are needed and wanted. We train and provide opportunity and hope. Then we sow and grow. And what do you get in return? The freshest, cleanest food you’ve ever eaten. Local food not exposed to pollution or pesticides. Food doesn’t have to take a road trip to reach you. And food that is easier on the Earth and its resources.  It’s time to feed people in a more sustainable way.

Environmental and Community Benefits of Urban Farming:

  • Produce is grown/sold/delivered with minimal use of fossil fuel consumptions, low carbon
    detroit urban ag 1footprint, reduces waste as on site composting recycles vegetable, fruit, coffee, and fish scraps from the farm and the community. 
  • Indoor, urban  or greenhouse farming provides access to fresh, year-round, produce for local
    communities living in “food deserts.” 
  • CityFood will offer educational and cultural opportunities and provide a venue for cooking demonstrations, readings, and lectures from visiting experts. 
  • Local schools would not just be invited to visit but will be true partners through classes, workshops, training, and employment opportunities for students and graduates.
    evergreen laundry
  • CityFood has the potential  to create a significant amounts of living wage green collar jobs. and economic development 


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